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Free Download Ebook Comparative Literature - Susan Bassnett

If you want to discover literature not only by its text, you really need to understand what is the meaning of comparative literature. Have you heard about this field study? Comparative literature offered you the way you see literature from any perspective. As the wiki said that Comparative literature is an academic field dealing with the study of literature and cultural expression across linguistic, national, and disciplinary boundaries.

Comparative literature is not only about you read a text beyond literature but also within context where the literature published. Sometimes the researcher compared, for example, Indonesian literature with English literature or between local literature. That is why to use this method in your research, you will absolutely have a good sense in using interdisciplinary theories, for example culture, linguistic, history, etc.

Comparative Literature by Susan Bassnett

For those who want to understand this method, i will share a brilliant book, a well good written by one of comparative literature scholar, Susan Bassnett. It can be said that this book is rare, you will not find this book free as i want to share in this post hehehe.

So here they are the content on this book:

  1. How Comparative literature came into being
  2. Beyond the Frontiers of Europe: Alternative Concepts of Comparative Literature
  3. Comparing Literature of the British Isle
  4. Comparative Identities of in the Post-Colonial World
  5. Constructing Cultures: the Politic of Travellers's tales
  6. Gender and Thematic: the Case of Guinevere
  7. From Comparative literature to translation studies


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