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#SaveUdin and #SaveMaryam

October 10, 2012 | October 10, 2012 WIB Last Updated 2012-10-10T17:14:53Z
#SaveMaryam has been trending topic in a world since the Mercy Mission World (MMW) published some sensational video via YouTube on July 20, 2012. The video told us that every moslem people in Indonesia will be converted to Christianity on 2035, Is it real? I was really shocked and got angry watching the official video uploaded by #SaveMaryam. How could they know the situation of Moslem people better than me?

Actually, I've been ignoring this issue for a month. "Oh God, I am so sorry for the attitude." I feels like - as a Moslem - i do not care for this big problem under #Save!! So what is the problem. The problem is simple. It's coming from many articles from a credible source like Eramuslim, Fimadani and any others who wrote the theme "What is going on with #SaveMaryam? Was there something wrong with #SaveMaryam? This is absolutely could be a first step who got me curious of #SaveMaryam.

I decided to make a journey for getting a more dates by blog-walking When suddenly i found the unique website named, #SaveUdin. It's just like misappropriation word Save by adding the Sundanese familiar word, Udin. #SaveUdin was initiated by Indonesian Scholar - Maulana M. Syuhada -, a PhD student, who live in Manchester - UK.

Maulana M. Syuhada is a PhD student from Bandung. He is the author of 40 Days In Europe. He is also musician and traditional music lover. He graduated from Darul Arqam, SMA 3 Bandung, ITB, Hamburg - Germany. And now, he is a PhD Student in Manchester.

After reading all the article, i surprisingly want a give an applause for the writer of #SaveUdin. It's not only #SaveUdin want to make a counter idea against @SaveMaryam based on the good dates and fact but also #SaveUdin want we to know the truly is.

Actually, #SaveUdin is one of many sounds who want to clear the way what #SaveMaryam did. There's still people out there who has the same idea about #SaveMaryam. You must know that #SaveUdin didn't fight the mission but #SaveUdin just want to providing a critics for MMW who got the dates in Indonesia. That's why i found many articles that using good analyzing and offered the dates, detailly.

I, myself. have a same idea to accept - for this unexpectable situation explained by #SaveMaryam - this mission. We must pay the attention seriously and actively by searching the credible dates or fact if we can.  Comparing and analyzing it!     

Finally, i just want to say keep fighting for both Moslem Scholar; #SaveMaryam and #SaveUdin for what they did. However there's a conflict among this #Save but i believe that basically, we are brothers, no matter where and who we are. It'd better if we put the word "conflict" as the process to get a better wishes. Because we don't want to call it conflict among Moslem.
NB: Ternyata kang Maulana M. Syuhada itu adalah senior saya waktu di Darul Arqam. Itu sebabnya koq tadi saya lihat foto kang Irfan Amalee di websitenya #SaveUdin. Hehe. Salam aja buat mereka berdua yang sedang sekolah di luar sana.        
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