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Zaki Talks About Pluralism (Just Simple)

February 12, 2012 | February 12, 2012 WIB Last Updated 2012-02-12T13:17:49Z
Pluralism is often explained as a situation in which people considerd that all religion is same. Leading to the all ulama in Indonesia, there are some view -i may got- that pluralism seemed just like considered that all religion is true. What i want to ask them is how do they explain God in different view?

In my opinion, i cannot accept, even respect that simple explanation. I wondered to say that all religion is true, and people have no idea to do something like feel arrogant about religion what their have. But in my great kitab known as Quran, God -The Great- say that -For me is my religion, and yours is yours-. 

Something i known about how to respect human is to be tolerant. I should need interfere, ask to somebody about what their religion. All i have to do is just to make an harmonize enviroment between me and people in different boxes. 

I lives in a big country which has a biggest muslim population in the world. But that thing isn't made me feel like i am the owner of this country. There is something that i have to remember -as a one rule from God- in Islam known alos as Hablumminannas. My religion teached me not only pray to the god, as the way to get the most destination of God promised -Heaven- but also i teached how to respect human from around the world, without consider what their religion and where do they come from. That's tolerance.

From short explanation above, i may concluded that pluralism is just like 'we have to consider living human in diversity. Without any lips service to say that all religion is true. Because the word 'true' can caused many conflicts as long human defend their opinion.

To know how to respect and being tolerance, the religion teached us how to do that or we may open the history of Islam in their rich civilization. We will find any literary that when khalifah lead the empire, the king didn't killed people which have different religion with Islam but he respected to the people as obeyed to God's rule.

That's why if we are not generally about pluralism, do not think as the first explanation. It will better if we first learn religion deeply, ask the Ulama to teach. Because Religion teached us how to respect to the God -a long to do all rules of God- and how to respect/tolerance to all people all around the world.

For refferences, i added some video below. Enjoy the video!!
Thank you and Assalamualaikum. 

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