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Everything About Indonesia (Share and Care)

February 01, 2012 | February 01, 2012 WIB Last Updated 2019-08-02T23:25:53Z
I believe that everything in the world is from God gift. All we have to do now are to say thankfully to the God by reciting Alhamdulillah. In this blogging post, i will share to you how amazing is God Gift represented to the relationship between Human and nature in my country, Indonesia.
Last day, one of my Facebook friend uploaded amazing photo, he is Petruk Tralala, he made an album named Ethnicity, My Indonesia, Blue Generations, Heaven in The Earth, and etc. All pictures has philosophy whether it shown a good natural, beautiful village a long with nice people and many things.
I don't want to have a much time making description of all pictures, so i will share to you all pictures i uploaded from my friend. One of reason why do i have to upload this pictures is to make you more proud of Indonesia. If you have a comment, full it the box below.
Two Indonesian children are playing seruling, and the one is giving attention

A boy is giving respect to his mother by kissing her hand

A farmer a long with his buffalo are walking in the morning

A farmer a long with their tools

Indonesian people

Dayak people with the tatoo

Two little boys are playing Katapel

A man is standing on the boat, he is looking for fish

Grandfather is teaching his children about philosophy of life

Two little children are shooting something above the tree

Two little children are playing wayang (one of Indonesia heritages)

They are learning in the small village

Their smile is a signed as a hope of life

Do you have any idea after look the pictures above? Give me your respect by drop some comment below. I will be back soon and upload more pictures soon. Thank you My Friend.

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