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Everything About Indonesia (Share and Care 1)

As i promised in the blog post before. I will share to you some pics about how wonderful Indonesian. The pictures are about people, culture and whatever it is. It's better to know than nothing to know how big the world. God created us to know each other, I am here, as the sender message, to introduce part of God's created.

Indonesia is a big country a long with the diversity whether it's multicultural country, multilingual country, multireligion country but it's not multilevelmarketing country [just kidding bro]. With a wide region and different people, that made Indonesian to be a big country, just a big!!

It's important to know that all the pictures uploaded here are not captured by me but from Indonesia people who loved Indonesia such me. Life is to give a sign for the next generation and captured all the reality of lifes is just one thing that made it eternal. The answer lying on the picture we captured, behind the people on the picture are big story that we must dig it.

Enjoy the pictures

See the world on the water

Traditionally place for sleep

Cropping time

Looking for gold on the river

Ceremony in Flores

Beautiful village

Smile of simple life

The rainy days

Is she waiting for ?


The old man behind the globe

The old women

Rice cropp :D

See that, wonderful

Simple class

Picture was taken in GAMBARA.

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